Our drivers 

They share the same values; work with passion and pay attention to the serenity of our passengers. Driving on a regular basis allow them to have a deep knowledge of our region. They are skillful, professional, discreet and friendly. 

Operating division 

They arrange and organize the tasks to answer to your requests. Using efficient network software, they charter coaches, provide drivers with travel schedules, make sure we comply with regulations, and manage risks. Receptive and attentive, they are the core of our company. 

Our technicians

Whether they are foreman or coachbuilder, they take care of our fleet composed of 47 coaches. With fleet management software and a diagnosis system, they have a wide range of equipment to ensure preventive maintenance and inspect our coaches. Interested in new technologies, they are technicians specialized in on-board electronics or mechanics, and they are dedicated to the safety of our coaches.